1. Public Complaint Main Page

The public can obtain the Public Complaint Service through BPANS website.

Click on the link “Complaint Form” to obtain a Complaint Form (refer Figure 2a) and fill-in the form.

Select desire language using the radio button.

2. Public Complaint Form

Complainant has to fill-in their particulars in this section. Name, IC/Passport
No. and District are mandatory fields.

User MUST select a Complained Department. If the complained
department is a private company, user must select “Lain-Lain” from the list
and fill-in the Name of Complained Private Company.

User must select ONE Complaint Catergory.

User needs to provide necessary information for the complaint.

Complainant MUST fill-in Complaint Title and Complaint Description.

Complainant is allowed to upload images related the complaint being made.

Before submiting the complaint, the Complainant must certify that all the
information given is true.

A captcha code must be entered in order to proceed.

Click on the "Submit" button to complete the complaint.

Click on the link to obtain the Login page.

The information displayed here are for login purposes

3. Login Page

Select desire language.

Enter your I.C and given Password

Click on the "Logon" button to log in.

4. Complaint Details / Status

This is the Complainant Case ID referral number

This is the personal details provided by the Complainant

This is the details of the Complaint as submitted by the Complainant

5. Resolution Satisfy Feedback

Click on the link “Resolution Satisfy Feedback” from the menu to follow up on the case

Once the case the solved, a feedback form will be provided.
However, if the Complainant's Case is still under investigation,
this will be shown.

6. Complaint Verification

After the complaint had been added to the system, an email will be sent to the complainant.

This is a sample of the email that is sent to the complainant.
The complainant must click on the link provided in the email to perform the Complaint Verification process.

7. Reset Password

If the complainant had forgotten their password,
Password Reset can be performed by providing the complainant MyKad No. in this field.
Click on the "Submit" button to complete the process.
The new Password will be sent to the complainant through their registered e-mail address.